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FuelTaxOnline is an online fuel tax reporting system that allows users to input data about their units and their trips and produce the standard fuel tax reporting forms, including IFTA, MPG, Mile Tax, MPG Report, IRP, and Tax Summary reports. Since it is a Web application, it allows companies to purchase one piece of software that all their drivers can use, centralizing the data in one location and removing the hassles of upgrading and installation of multiple standalone programs.


  • Easy trip and fuel purchase entry
  • Produces reports for the most needed fuel tax forms: IFTA, MPG, State Reports, Mile Tax, MPG Report, IRP, and Tax Summary Report
  • State adjacent error checking during trip entry
  • All Mile Tax forms are returned in official format ready to turn in (Adobe Acrobat required). (Soon, most IFTA forms will be available in official format)
  • Can be integrated with ProMilesOnline for a complete trucking solution
  • Centralized data storage for an entire company.
  • Accessible anywhere there is a Web connection
  • All upgrading happens automatically at the server. No downloading and installation of tax rate updates at quarter changes
  • Customizable to your users' needs
  • Can be hosted on our server or yours
  • Web design and integration services

Setup and Licensing
ProMiles has several flexible setup, pricing, and licensing options that allow you to buy just those features that you need. Lets talk and design a custom solution for you! 1-800-324-8588

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