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TruckMiles Partnership Programs

ProMiles Trucking OCX
The ProMiles Trucking OCX is a powerful component that allows you to integrate trucking mileages, maps, and routes into your standalone programs. With tons of features and customizable licensing and distribution options, the ProMiles OCX is the best way to rapidly develop professional mileage and mapping enabled trucking applications. [more . . . ]

ProMiles e-Mapping for Trucks
ProMiles e-Mapping for Trucks allows you to map enable your Website at a reasonable cost.  The ProMiles mapping database indexes over a million locations in the U.S. and Canada and can be presented with variable levels of detail and customizable color! Combine with e-Routing to dynamically serve up precise maps and directions. [more . . .]

ProMiles e-Routing for Trucks
Don't use car directions when routing trucks. Cars and trucks need different routes unless you want your trucker Web users slamming their vans into bridges or driving through restricted zones. ProMiles e-Routing for Trucks makes lets your users enter destinations and locations, along with a variety of options, and get routes designed and optimized for trucks.  If you want enhance your Website for truckers, then give them what they need. [more . . .]

ProMiles e-Mileages for Trucks
Truckers need miles for a variety of reasons. ProMiles e-Mileages for Truckers adds value to your Website by allowing truckers to get miles from your site with a few simple steps. If truckers can get what they need from your site, then why would they go anywhere else? Combine e-Mileages with our e-Mapping and e-Routing components, and you'll have a functionality rich trucking Website! [more . . .]

ProMiles e-Search for Trucks
ProMiles e-Search allows your users to find locations based on (1) radius and (2) search criteria. ProMiles merges your company or product data with our mileage database to produce an excellent Web tool for helping customers easily find and route to your products and services.  [more . . .]

ProMilesOnline Reseller
Become a reseller for the Internet's only full featured online mileage guide! Give your customers access to mileages, state breakouts, itineraries, maps, fuel optimization all over the Web! Combining ProMilesOnline and FuelTaxOnline will allow you to offer the most complete set of trucking tools available on the Web today! [more. . . .]

FuelTaxOnline Reseller
Become a reseller for the Internet's only full featured online fuel tax reporting system. Your customers can enter unit data and trips and then calculate IFTA, MPG, IRP, Mile Tax and more! FuelTaxOnline can be available wherever there is a Web connection, and customers never have to worry about quarterly updating again! [more . . .]

Stay Tuned . . .
ProMiles has even more exciting Web-enabled trucking products in development, products that will revolutionize the way trucking is done. If there is a trucking application you would like to see developed for the Web, let us know and we'll see what we can do :-)

 Please direct all questions to info@promiles.com or call toll-free at 1-800-324-8588.